“WE'RE LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTOR – the special service aimed to help the foreign companies in seeking local partners and potential distributors. The experience of Buyers’ programme within our other projects proved its success and inspired us to launch it for SIA-AutoTechService.

Three easy steps to become a participant of "WE'RE LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTOR" programme:

  1. After getting the filled in application for participation in the exhibition you receive a Questionnaire form which has to be filled up for the participation in the programme.
  2. We translate it into Russian and distribute it among the target Ukrainian and Russian companies which might have been interested in your products or services.
  3. Then, we process all the information and feedbacks, compose a special schedule of meetings and send it to you. Thus before the exhibition you already have the potential partners willing to negotiate with you.

The main point is that the participation in the “WE'RE LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTOR" programme is absolutely free for you.

The deadline for participation is May 11.

We’re very pleased that the Ukrainian market plays an important role to your business and we’re always trying to do our best to get you acquainted with all the market’s specifics, to support your efforts and to facilitate your presence.

We try to save your time and want you to gain only the best results from the participation.