About AZK

Many experts consider the recent development of Ukrainian fueling market as almost a reference of the full-fledged market development. And every motor enthusiast has long ago felt it on his own back.

The Premier Expo Company invites you to take part in the 19th International Motor Fueling Complex'2017 Trade Exhibition!

The exhibition will demonstrate in usual manner state-of-the-art equipment for petrol and gas stations as well as services on petrol station designing, construction and decorative arrangement.

Last years have seen the aggressive enhancement of the Motor Fueling Complex trade fair that has been a reflection of the growing fueling service market in terms of both quality and quantity. Convenience systems furnished in the latest technologies and offering a line of allied services come to take place of customary petrol stations.

Along with the general growth, the separate sections of the fair also develop. Thus last year, a big trade exhibit "Gas as Alternative Fuel" has originated to encompass a broad range of offers ranging from LPG terminals to conversion services.


Filling Stations: 

  • Equipment for petrol, LPG, CNG stations and oil farms  
  • Fuel and gas dispensers 
  • Fuel guns, pumps, valves, hoses, control equipment 
  • Designing and building of petrol stations, oil farms and oil storage depots
  • Oil quality control equipment and technologies
  • Vehicle LPG systems
  • Vehicle gas equipment

Motor Fuel:

  • Fuel additives
  • Octane correctors
  • Oxygen-containing components petrol  
    • Gas (liquefied and compressed)
    • Biofuel 
    • Biodiesel
    • Hydrogen  
  • Motor fuel production, delivery and storage equipment

Roadside Service:

  • Service stations (test equipment and tire stands) 
  • Washing systems and equipment
  • Cashless payment systems (smart cards), payment terminals 
  • Cash registers and cash dispensers 
  • Vending machines
  • Mini-shops, fast food systems 
  • Construction of motels and camping grounds

Garage & Parking

  • Equipment, parking systems, turnpikes, turnstiles 
  • Automatic gates (fast-speed, industrial)
  • Road blocks, parking stakes, barriers

Building and Promotion Technologies and Design:

  • Petrol station ad design 
  • Boards, showcases and lighting
  • Building materials and structures
  • Environmental Protection