Alley of new products at the exhibition SIA-AutoTechService 2017

Only new brands of spare parts, car parts, accessories, only innovative technologies of service centers and modern equipment for after-sales service included in the exposition Alley of new products at the exhibition “SIA-AutoTechService 2017

"We organize Alley of new products to help visitors to pay attention to new products, to orient in a variety of proposals from participants. After all, the main purpose of our exhibition - to help market participants to choose new aftermarket items, find reliable suppliers and partners to expand the distribution network and improve their skills in the business ", - says Elena Sinitsina, Project Director

To use this option, you need to send information about new products at:
                             Form of information:
                             - Company Name
                             - Brief description of new items
                             - Link to your website
                             - Photo Shoot